The Duck of Minerva

Who’s on Duck?

6 June 2013

Having been newly promoted to permanent contributor, I’m delighted to join the esteemed Duck blogging crew (pictured above) on a more long-term basis. I’m looking forward to more lengthy substantive blog posts beyond the Thursday updates. I feel like I’ve been trapped in reviewer hell for weeks, just as it looked like I was clearing my inbox of book and article reviews, I kept getting another one in and the pieces always looked vaguely interesting. Taking note of Dan Nexon’s recent post about the difficulty journals have in getting reviews (let alone quality ones), I determined that I had to do my civic duty. But, I’ve somehow, albeit temporarily, reached a perfect state of “ALL REVIEWS ARE IN.” I’ve got posts that I’ve been meaning to write on the poaching crisis and another on international development. So, watch this space!