“Of course this is risky,” Mr. Logulov said, “but risk is everywhere in life. A brick could fall on your head in the street, for example. And this is just a small risk.” – on the practice of having Russian children take their pictures with circus animals (WTF!?)

Here is your morning linkage with a return to form, conservation concerns and pollution in Asia loom large:

  • Worries about China’s resumption of the trade in tiger parts
  • Yao Ming urges Chinese to give up on shark fin soup
  • And good news, big drop in demand for shark fin soup record
  • 4,000 missing in recent India floods
  • Massive flooding in southwest China, bad idea to build along rivers
  • Study finds lifespan in polluted northern China average 5.5 years less than other parts of the country
  • U.S.-China working group on climate change agrees to measures on transport, coal, buildings efficiences as part of Strategic & Economic Dialogue this week in Washington (Deborah Seligsohn comments)