Monday Linkage

19 August 2013, 1029 EDT

Rosa Brooks compares our drone wars to Egypt’s crackdown. Context by Fred Kaplan on the drone era.

Lovely Umayam on the perils of crowdsourcing.

Podcast: NPR’s Ian Masters and Columbia University’s David Philips on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Area 51 documents have finally been declassified. The documents suggesting that there was never anything there but a secret spy plane program. What this means for Wendt/Duval’s argument I will leave to commenters.

Two excellent new articles on war law compliance by political scientists: Dara Kay Cohen on why some but not all armed groups commit rape; Devorah Manekin on why some but not all weapons-bearers commit opportunistic violence against civilians. Both articles rely on new primary datasets with weapons-bearers, and both point to the organizational structure of small units as a key factor.

A Valerie Strauss Kenneth BernsteinWAPO op-ed piece from February on the relevance of public education policy to the situation we face in higher ed is going around on Facebook again and for good reason. Damning, erudite and well worth a second read.