It’s morning somewhere, right? Here are some belated links to stories, covering Richard Haass and Syria, climate change and the IPCC 5th assessment, a lethal bat-born virus, gay rights and Russia, and the new Fukushima nuclear worry…


  • FT op-ed by Richard Haass of all people urging the president to intervene in Syria


  • Draft IPCC Fifth assessment report on climate change impacts leaks, guess what, more climate change
  • Andrew Revkin muses that a focus on current weather and climate attribution may feed into uncertainty and inaction
  • New study – action on short-lived greenhouse gases might not deliver as many reductions if implementation isn’t 100%
  • Fukushima’s reactors are leaking again and it’s bad, very bad
  • Eduardo Porter’s superficial analysis calling for more nuclear power in The New York Times, a smart take supporting nuclear power needs to be written but this isn’t really it
  • Reports on the revival of fossil fuels in Germany are based on misinformation according to the Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Worries that western coal sales from U.S. public lands will upend Obama’s climate policy
  • But maybe the market will help with there simply not being enough money in it to bid for the coal
  • Ecuador drops plan to not drill for oil in Amazon in exchange for $ – not enough $ to not drill


  • Mystery bat-born virus killing people in Saudi Arabia
  • New edited book by João Biehl and Adriana Petryna on critical global health, not sure what is but the book When People Come First looks cool


  • Why a development rather than counter-terrorism strategy is preferable for northern Nigeria
  • MSF to pull out of Somalia – too dangerous for MSF, man’s, that’s bad


  • James Kirchick kicked off Russian-funded TV station after talking about anti-gays laws in Russia instead of Bradley Manning