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Thursday Morning Linkage

15 August 2013

Sad turn of events in Egypt, a situation in which the U.S. is inextricably implicated. Not sure if there was a policy course we should have followed that would have been different. I understand the defenders of the democratic process who would have wanted Morsi to leave via the ballot box. I also am sympathetic to the claims that the Muslim Brotherhood was running the country in to a ditch. Unfortunately, the military response seems to have made things much worse. All of this suggests that democratic transitions can be bloody and unstable moments in a country’s history.

Here are some links on the coverage. I’ve also got some links to interesting health and environment stories below so read on…

Egypt coverage

  • New York Times coverage 
  • NPR harrowing audio coverage from yesterday
  • Steven Cook tries to makes sense of the turn of events (on NPR today, Cook suggested that MB did not want to re-engage political process which helped hardened military line)
  • Egypt’s Ambassador to the United States in a chilling interview “It became necessary to finish this thing today”
  • Marc Lynch suggests cutting Egypt loose, suspending aid and relations until …

Environment coverage

  • New estimates that action on short-lived gases won’t deliver as many near-term climate benefits as previously thought
  • Air pollution hits China’s tourism
  • Obama bolder on environment in his second term?

Health coverage

  • Michael Gerson on a promising malaria vaccine
  • Meningitis outbreak among gay men in U.S. contained with vaccination drive
  • Doctors Without Borders pulling out of Somalia
  • A not too flattering profile of the Clinton Foundation as Hillary prepares a presidential run