Drones are on the international agenda this week, with Pakistan excoriating the US at the General Assembly and with human rights heavyweights Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch launching a new and scathing joint report.

OpenGlobalRights, OpenDemocracy’s global-south-oriented human rights wing, is having a number of interesting articles on the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine: here, here and views on the subject from India here.

New York Times Magazine’s online coverage of the South China Sea territorial dispute breaks ground in mainstream multi-media journalism. Seriously, check it out.

Women in Saudi Arabia are defying the driving ban en masse, with the open support of numerous Saudi men including this guy.

via Opinio Juris, Japan will begin shooting down Chinese drones.

Mark Leon Goldberg on new polling data about Americans perceptions of the UN.

Erica Chenoweth on kitchen-sink dissidence.