My new job as semi-weekly Tuesday linker is off to an uneven start.  I am behind on link collection as I was roaming this past weekend in the cell phone sense–in the US where my cell phone is super-expensive and wifi was not so available.

Anyhow, here are some links that may be of interest to the Duck community (or not).

IR/Conflict Stuff

Christian Davenport has been blogging various tales from his fieldwork in Rwanda.  Just some amazing tales that provide heaps of perspective sauce.

Cullen Hendrix provides a very timely post on whether natural disasters cause or exacerbate political violence.



For a follow up and greater complexity to the story of the adjunct killed by academia, see this Slate story.

Research Wahlberg is not the best fake twitter account or meme generator (that would be Academic Coach Taylor which is a bit moribund lately), but this is not a bad take on ye olde R&R.

I love charts has got a very relevant one for those job-marketing these days and anyone else who is stressed out these days.


Yep, pretty skimpy on the IR stuff.  Will do better next time (holy pie crust promise, Mary Poppins!)*

*  How much do I love it that the urban dictionary has a definition for pie crust promise?  Heaps and heaps.