Tuesday Morning Linkage: A Rookie Explains Himself

5 November 2013, 0816 EST

This is my first time doing the Duck linkage, as I will be alternating with Charli on Tuesdays.  I may eventually figure out a style, a pattern, a focus, but my first shot at this will be either completely random or entirely typical of my various fascinations and interests.  As I panic every other Monday night, y’all can send me suggests via twitter (@smsaideman).

Now to the links with probably too much explanation attached:

IR Stuff

Social Science

The Academic World:

  • Last night, a political science student finished 8th in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.  Oh, sure, he was good at poker before he started Poli Sci (and Chinese) at Columbia, but maybe we can take credit for this anyway: hey, why major in poli sci? Because it can help you win nearly a million dollars via poker!
  • Nathan Jensen, who has a very thoughtful blog that often addresses various elements of the profession, examined his IPE syllabi for gender bias as a result of the citation and gender discussion we have been having lately.  I followed suit since I was in the midst of writing a syllabus for a new course on Contemporary International Security.
  • Over at Political Science Rumor mill, there is now an extended discussion on what to wear which is part of a larger discussion about agency: who is to blame for not getting a job?  The candidate or the wacky politics of departments.  I spend way too many words on this but suggest that what we know about politics suggests that much of it has little to do with the candidate.  I then examine my own record of failed job searches to figure out if the anecdata support my assertions (and, yes, it is typically narcissistic of me to include two links to my blog during morning linkage, a definite violation of the Duck rules if we had any rules).
  • Our students are millenials?!  Oh no!  I think that lots of generalizations about generations are entirely over-wrought, so I found this guide to how to write an alarmist piece about millenials to be most handy.  Of course, this is all the fault of those baby boomers.

Token Canadian Entry:  Since I reside in Canada, I will occasionally post something that is Canadian-centric.  This video, well, covers the most important story in Canada right now but from an American point of view.  Not entirely safe for work.  And, yes, the Canadians might be frustrated that an American take really captures it so very well.