Greetings readers! And apologies for my slap-happy blogging record of late. Among my several resolutions this year is a return to blogging at the rate of at minimum one substantive post per week, in addition to my bi-weekly linkage posts. We’ll see whether I can sustain or (more hopefully) exceed this while managing the transition of a teen from home to college, just as we’ll see whether I can keep up my regimen of 7-minute workouts, my plan to learn tango and get scuba certified, and my pledge to send one random thank-you note to some individual every week this year. (If you’re looking for other New Year’s Resolution ideas see this and this; for the science on how to stick with changes that work, see this.) Anyway, let’s start off some overdue linkage – the best of things I’ve read or glanced at over the last hectic weeks of grading/holiday travel/college application stress: Predictioneering 2014

Human Rights: