New evidence of mass atrocity in Syria sets a bitter tone as peace talks kick off in Geneva.
IRC’s David Miliband in WAPO on why humanitarian issues must be a priority at Geneva. Speaking to the NYT, HRW’s Kenneth Roth concurs.
Stephen Heydman in FP on whether justice could undermine peace at Geneva.

Human Security
Locals and expatriates in Kabul commemorate the loss of Kamal Hamade, whose iconic Kabul restaurant was destroyed by a suicide bomber last week.
AidDatablog: new and improved methods for adjudicating conflicting reports on the efficacy of development aid.
Nicholas Kristof: why climate change is a neglected issue.
Hamden Rice in the Daily Kos on why our popular narrative misunderstands the real legacy of Dr. King.

Dan Nexon on what scholars are doing when we write about science fiction.
Nichelle Nichols on how Martin Luther King convinced her to remain on Star Trek.
At Grand Blog Tarkin Jon Jekyll analyzes why the Jedi are a uniquely poor choice to run a military. Love the citations.