Thursday ISA edition

27 March 2014, 0636 EDT

Greetings from Toronto. In advance of tonight’s OAIS blogging awards gathering at 7:15pm in Sheraton Ballroom C, the Duck non-collective collective got together for a pre-soiree soiree.  Folks were in good from. For many of us, it was the first chance for us to ever meet in person.

For me, this is a quick trip, as I’m headed back this am after a busy day of panels, the business meeting of the new ISA section on global health, and a lovely dinner sponsored by Bridging the Gap. With a toddler at home and a busy spring of travel, this Duck is needed to tag team on the toddler front before my wife heads to Midwest next week. Before I go, here are a few reads that caught my eye. Bob Gates on Ukraine, expats fleeing Beijing’s bad air, new WHO report on deaths from air pollution, debates about the climate coverage at the new 538, and more.

  • Bob Gates has a call to action on Putin’s Crimea grab, containment lives?
  • Expats fleeing China because of bad air, bye bye Beijing?
  • New WHO report on deaths from air pollution, 7 million a year?
  • Real Climate weighs in on the connection between climate change and extreme weather events, a rejoinder to 538’s Pielke, Jr?
  • Some great graphics of improvements in global health