Thursday Linkage

6 March 2014, 1749 EST

In the all Ukraine all the time edition of the Duck, here are some essential reads from this week. Will ad more in a bit.

  • Dan Nexon channeling his inner Henry Kissinger on the Monkey Cage
  • Henry Kissinger channeling his inner Henry Kissinger in the WaPo
  • Joshua Rovner on why Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is a blunder
  • What will Germany, one of Russia’s main trading partners, do?
  • Obama administration issues new sanctions
  • Crimea prepares for a snap referendum in 10 days on secession
  • Bob Gates tells Republican critics of Obama and Ukraine policy to cool it
  • Hillary unhelpfully compares Putin to Hitler (see Kissinger above)
  • Lindsey Graham even more unhelpful on Twitter

  •  American anchor Liz Wahl on Russian government funded network RT resigns on air, as if this was the first time it dawned on her that it was a propaganda network