The Duck of Minerva

APSA Fire Update

30 August 2014

Well, the main APSA hotel at the Marriott last night caught fire last night in what might be an act of arson, but we really don’t know. For those of us staying at the Marriott, we awoke at 1am to alarms and recorded messages to evacuate the building. We stayed outside until around 4:30 or 5am when we were allowed to go back in to the lobby. Sheets were handed out, and people splayed out as you see in the picture above. Looked like we were going to be able to go back to the rooms at 6am but we weren’t able to get back into our rooms until 8am.

Panels in the Marriott were originally cancelled until noon but now, it looks like things are back on as of 9:30am, Saturday August 30th.

I haven’t heard if anyone was hurt. There was some smoke, and a few pictures on Twitter of fire and sprinkler damage. Stay safe everybody and get some sleep. Charli, looks like you made the right call!