Programming Note: Symposium on Structural Power and the Study of Business

31 January 2016, 1200 EST

This week the Duck will host a symposium on a recent special issue of Business and Politics on Structural Power and the Study of Business, which was guest-edited by Pepper Culpepper and published in October. De Gruyter has generously agreed to temporarily ungate the issue to correspond with this symposium; the articles may be found here.

Each day of the week will contain a post in the morning and the afternoon, written by the authors of the articles in the issue, with a concluding post discussing the project by Randall German. We hope you will join us in the comments as we go along. This note will be updated with links to each post as they appear, so as to serve as an archive of sorts. The full schedule is below the jump.


Monday, Feb. 1: 

Morning: Pepper D. Culpepper (European University Institute): “Structural Power and Contemporary Politics.”

Afternoon: Patrick Emmenegger (University of St. Galen): “No Escape from Uncle Sam.”


Tuesday, Feb. 2:

Morning: Kevin Young (University of Massachusetts Amherst): “The Structural Power of Business as a Causal Hypothesis.”

Afternoon: Tasha Fairfield (London School of Economics and Political Science): “Structural Power in Latin America.”


Wednesday, Feb. 3:

Morning: Henry Farrell (George Washington University) and Abraham Newman (Georgetown University): “Behind Structural Power Lies Structuring Power.”

Afternoon: W. Kindred Winecoff (Indiana University Bloomington): “Why Is the U.S. Still So Important in the Post-Crisis Global Financial System?”


Thursday, Feb. 4:

Morning: Rawi Abdelal (Harvard University): “The Multinational Firm and Geopolitics: Europe, Russian Energy, and Power.”

Afternoon: David Marsh (University of Canberra), Sadiya Akram (Queen Mary College, University of London) and Holly Birkett (Birmingham Business School): “The Structural Power of Business: Taking Structure, Agency and Ideas Seriously.”


Friday, Feb. 5:

Morning: Randall Germain (Carleton University): Discussion of Structural Power and the Study of Business.