DEADLINE EXTENDED! Call for Nominations for Theory Section Executive Board


27 January 2019, 2130 EST

Chair, Vice-Chair/Program Chair, Publicity Officer, and Graduate Student Representative Wanted!The ISA Theory Section seeks nominations for its executive board; at our Business meeting at ISA 2019 in Toronto a new Chair, Vice-Chair/Program Chair, Publicity Officer, and Graduate Student Representative will be announced. Email nominations for each of the positions should be made to Asli Calkivik at . We welcome self-nominations. Those nominating a third party should get their express permission first. Please specify which position the nomination is for, and provide institutional affiliation and contact information of the nominee. All nominees must also provide a curriculum vitae and a brief statement about their aims – as appropriate to their position – in serving on the Executive Board. The deadline for nominations is February 15, 2019.

Voting will take place by email ballot, with all official Theory Section members eligible to vote. More information about the Theory Section can be found on our website,

The duties of the officers are as follows:

  • The Chair is responsible forcalling meetings and presiding over them, coordinating section activities, acting as liaison with the ISA and acting as the official spokesperson of the Section unless the Executive Committee determines otherwise. The Chairperson is also responsible for preparing and presenting the annual report at the AGM in collaboration with the other officers. Finally, the Chairperson appoints, with the consultation of the Executive Committee, members of Section awards committees.
  • The Vice-chairperson is responsible for organizing the Theory Section-sponsored panels at the ISA annual convention in collaboration with the chairperson. This means that she or he is our program chair.
  • The Publicity Officer is responsible for outreach, such as through preparation and circulation of a Section Newsletter at least once a year, in collaboration with other officers.
  • The Graduate Student Representative participates in all communication and discussions of the executive board with an equal voice to represent the interest of graduate students.

Our goals and aims as a section are as follows:

The aim of the Theory Section is to encourage and promote theoretical debates in the study of international politics. As such, it provides a platform for scholars to interrogate the meaning and purpose of theory in the field of International Relations (IR), to engage the task of theory building, to explore the relationship between theory and history, and the impact of theories on policymaking.

To accomplish these purposes, the Theory Section:

  1. facilitates networking among IR scholars of different regional or topical expertise and across the theoretical spectrum;
  2. encourages research and debates on theory, including by enhancing dialogue and collaboration between IR scholars and scholars of Political Theory;
  3. disseminates information on theoretical research by sponsoring or organizing workshops, symposia, and professional and other appropriate meetings;
  4. seeks ways to further the teaching of theory in the field of International Relations