Episode 2 – Cian O’Driscoll (part 1)

27 08 2019

Cian O’Driscoll from the University of Glasgow does work on Just War theory, international security, and international political theory, and international ethics. He has been a friend of Brent’s for well over a decade. They spoke in April 2019 following a workshop at the University of Warwick. Their conversation went a little long, so this is part 1 of 2 episodes with Cian. In this episode, Cian tells us about his intellectual journey: growing up in Limerick and going to the uni there, spending some time in the US, his Master’s work at Dalhousie in Nova Scotia, his memory of September 11th, being on one of the first flights back into the US shortly thereafter, Irish neutrality and Michael Walzer’s work, and his first year or so of PhD at Aberystwyth University (Wales).