It’s Duckies time!

24 January 2020, 1756 EST

This is a guest post from Kindred Winecoff, current Chair of the Online Media Caucus for ISA.

The Online Achievement in International Studies Reception and Awarding of the Duckies will take place on Wednesday, March 25th at 7:30pm. As always we’ll feature three speakers in the Ignite series and enjoy honoring our winners together.  The ISA Online Media Caucus (OMC) appreciates the generous support of the Carnegie Corporation, the Mortara Center for International Studies of Georgetown University, and the Canadian Defence and Security Network of Carleton University.

Now is the time to submit your nominations for the 2020 Duckies. Please send these nominations to by February 15, 2020. Self-nominations are encouraged! Note that the OMC decided last year to change the award categories, in order to reflect the evolution of the online media environment. We now award Duckies in the following categories:

— Best Blog Post by a Senior Scholar (post-tenure, or a non-tenured scholar active for five years or more)

— Best Blog Post by a Junior Scholar (pre-tenure, or a non-tenured scholar active for five years or fewer

— Best Audio/Visual Entry (e.g., podcasts, YouTube channel)

— Best Twitter Account

— Special Achievement in International Studies Online Media

— Best Non-English Social Media of Any Type

These awards go to producers of online media in international studies that has significant scholarly content, policy impact, and/or pedagogical value. Note that award nominees or their designated representatives MUST be present at the Duckies in order to be considered for the award.

Once the nominations deadline has passed, the Online Media Caucus will judge the nominations and determine winners.  Once again, self-nominations are encouraged. If you have any questions please contact 2019-20 Online Media Caucus Chair Kindred Winecoff.