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Rutgers University law professor (and bloggerMark S. Weiner has been awarded the 2015 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order for ideas set forth in his 2013 book, The Rule of the Clan: What an Ancient Form of Social Organization Reveals About the Future of Individual Freedom. The award includes a $100,000 cash prize and is administered by the University of Louisville.

The book makes a fairly complicated argument about clans, identity groups, liberal democracy, states, and national security. The press release ostensibly explains the highly readable book’s main argument:  Continue reading


Francesco Guicciardini Prize (ISA HIST Section Book Prize)

Francesco Guicciardini (1483-1540) was an Italian historian and statesman who served in the Florentine and papal diplomatic services and was the author, among other works, of the landmark History of Italy (Storia d’Italia), a foundational work on statecraft and grand strategy which combined careful historical research with general theorizing about the ethics and practices of international behavior. The Francesco Guicciardini Prize is given annually and recognizes the best book copyrighted in the previous two calendar years on subjects related to historical international relations. Continue reading


ISA International Ethics Book Award

The International Ethics section of the International Studies Association announces its annual book award competition for 2014. The award is given every year at the International Ethics section business meeting at the ISA Convention. Next year, the convention is in Toronto, March 26-29.

The prize will be an award of $200 along with a plaque to honor the author’s work.

Books eligible for the award must fall into the broadly defined category of international ethics. This includes, but is not limited to, books on international descriptive ethics, international normative ethics, metaethics, comparative ethics, international religious ethics, international political theory, and international legal theory. Books not clearly falling into one of the above categories may be considered if members of the Selection Committee agree that it is worthy of consideration. Eligible books can be either single- or multi-authored. Edited collections will not be eligible. Textbooks, translations and memoirs are not eligible.  (Please see a list of past winners below.)

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Call for Nominations: ISA Theory Section Book Award

The International Studies Association Theory Section Book Award

The International Studies Association Theory Section Book Award recognizes the best book or edited volume published over the past two years that contributes to the theorization of world politics. The award is open to all forms and styles of theorization. Criteria include such considerations as innovativeness, quality of argumentation, and significance for the broad discipline of international studies.

Nominations should be emailed to the committee chair accompanied by a brief letter explaining why a work deserves consideration for the award. Authors may nominate themselves. A copy of each book must be sent to each member of the committee, with the line “Theory Section Book Award, c/o” at the top of each address.

Nominations  are due by 15 August, 2013 and books must be received by 30 August, 2013. E-book formatted submissions are welcome.

Officers of the Theory section and members of the committee are ineligible for the award.

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ISA Theory Section Book Prize

Despite the lack of an update at its website, I am now the Chair of the International Studies Association (ISA) Theory Section.

Obviously, all ISA members should join and contribute $5 to our budget. But the reason for this post is that we’ve promised public discussion of the wording of our new book award. I’ve set up a page for the section at the Duck of Minerva, but the comments aren’t working. So I’m putting the basic text here and inviting comments.

We also need to figure out if we are honoring a “distinguished scholar” next year. Suggestions on both the text of the award and possible honorees are welcome.

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