Super bowl security wifiI was struck this morning to read a post on a Cyber Security forum with a link stating the “Super Bowl was Hacked!”  Clicking on the link lead to this write up and picture.  I can’t think of better visualization of the need for basic cyber hygiene.  The cyber security industry kills many trees and wastes much bandwidth on discussions of cyber offensive and defensive strategies.  Yet, if we can’t practice basic cyber hygiene, what is the point?

The UK Cabinet estimated that as much of 80 percent of cyber crime can be prevented with basic cyber hygiene.  While that figure is pretty much a wild guess, its also likely very much accurate.  We know very little about the basics of computer protection.  Ask yourself, when is the last time you changed your password?  Do you know what you are agreeing to when you given an app permission for access?  Have you checked to see what programs are draining power on your laptop and communicating with external computers?  The answer is likely no to all these questions.

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