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Ultimate APSA 2013

APSA-goers: the ultimate frisbee game will be Saturday, August 31st, at 10am at 11th and Michigan (this is an update).  I don’t know exactly on what softball field we will set up–depends on what else is going on that morning, but we should be able to find some space.  Email me at steve_saideman@carleton.ca for details on that day or just look for the shaggy, slower ultimate game (if there are any others out there at the same time).

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Ultimate IR

Forget about whether we are too narrow, too closed, too whatever.  Instead, figure out this: can I make time for Ultimate at the ISA in San Diego?  Yes, yes, you can.

Due to popular demand, I have organized a time and a place for an informal game of Ultimate.  As the picture below shows, there is a field next to the hotel that we can use for a quick game.  All you need to bring are white and dark shirts and your enthusiasm.  I will provide the frisbees and the field markers. No cleats, please.  This will be a spirited but low intensity game. 

I am staying at the Hilton if you need to contact me (Steve Saideman) to ask questions.

So, meet us at 11am, Monday, April 2nd, in the field between the Hilton Bayfront Hotel and the Convention Center.



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