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#virtualAPSA2012 – Phil Arena, “Crisis Bargaining and Domestic Opposition”

Phil Arena was supposed to present his paper, “Crisis Bargaining and Domestic Opposition” at APSA. If you are reading this on an RSS feed, you should see the audio. His slides are not integrated, as his audio presentation is in mp3 format. 

This is the first of what I hope will be more of these. If you need an APSA fix, or are just interested in the topic, take 10-15 minutes to listen to Phil’s presentation and leave feedback.
If and when we accumulate more #virtualAPSA2012 presentations, I will create a more conference-like environment for them. 

#virtualapsa2012 Continued

With respect to my prior post….

In all seriousness, it would not be difficult to do the following:

  • Put up presentations as, say, 10 minute m4a files — straight audio, audio with slides added by hand, or audio-video derived from lecture-capture applications;
  • Post audio comments from discussants, their notes, or both;
  • Associate them all with a dedicated feed or feeds; and
  • Provide a place for listeners to comment on each virtual panel.

We could do this at the Duck. We could create a dedicated blog. We could impress upon APSA that this might make a worthwhile experiment and that they should host it. At the very least, I am happy to handle the logistics for a few trial panels or presentations myself. 


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