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New Duck of Minerva Working Paper: “I CAN HAS IR THEORY?”

There’s been significant interest in Steve Saideman’s criticisms of Mearsheimer’s and Walt’s working paper, “Leaving Theory Behind: Why Hypothesis Testing Has Become Bad for IR.” Indeed, there are many comments in a discussion that harkens back to older posts at the Duck. Given this, it strikes me as appropriate to add PTJ’s and my paper (PDF)–solicited for the same special issue as Mearsheimer’s and Walt’s–to the Duck of Minerva Working Papers series.

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Working Papers

I have bowed to popular demand responded to a small number of requests by creating a page (also accessible via a tab above) to host PDF versions of working papers posted at the Duck of Minerva. The page currently has links to three pieces, including compilations of  Stuart J. Kaufman’s and Patrick Thaddeus Jackson’s recently serialized posts.

I hope the section will grow with the responses people have planned to Stuart’s piece, as well as with those of other scholars and practitioners interested in posting pieces that are something more than run-of-the-mill blog entries.


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