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Another round?

July 21, 2005

Reported explosions in London. Based on preliminary reports, this smells like a copycat bombing. The most frightening scenario so far, I imagine, is that this is a planned second round – one with the aim of destroying any sense of returning normalcy in the city – but I can’t help think that one would expect something a bit more powerful and deadly if that was the case.

Counterterrorism blog, among others, should have good updates throughout the day.

UPDATE: News stories suggest the same range of possibilities:

“The worst-case scenario … would be that these are devices that haven’t triggered properly. Beyond that, it looks like it may be people messing around, copycat-type stuff,” said Shane Brighton of the Royal United Services Institute in London.

Robert Ayers of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) said it appeared that Britain now had to deal with a concerted militant campaign.

“You had four guys that died (on July 7), but the infrastructure that trained them, equipped them, funded them, pointed them at the right target — the infrastructure’s still in place, still here.”

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