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Eric Reeves at TNR’s &c.

19 July 2005

Eric Reeves is guest posting on Darfur at TNR’s blog. The Editor’s note:

His contributions will add up to a sort of crash-course on the Darfur genocide–moving from posts today on the genocide’s history, to posts in coming days on the inadequate response of the international community, to posts toward the end of the week on what it would realistically take to bring the genocide to a halt.

I may occasionally teach a course on genocide, but Reeves is the real deal. I’m looking forward to his later posts in particular, as “solutions” to Darfur, let alone genocides in general, are usually either politically impractical or insufficient.

On the topic of Darfur, Eaglespeak points to reports that al-Qaeda is setting up shop in Somalia.

I don’t mean to sound churlish, but I remember when mainline Democrats argued that the US couldn’t ignore mass violence and state collapse because it would eventually threaten US security, while “selective engagement” was the hot conservative grand strategy. This memory occupies similar cognitive space, at least for me, as Al Gore singing the praises of international engagement (and the example of the Marshall Plan) during the 2000 Presidential debates.

Partisans can interpret this any way they’d like. Perhaps the Democrats were prescient; perhaps they’ve lost their way….

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