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September 24, 2005

The Mortara Center for International Studies at Georgetown University, with which I will renew my affiliation when I return next year, has a weblog.

So far there are three posts.

The most recent is by Jeff Anderson, the Director of the BMW Center for German and European Studies. He provides a short post-mortem on the German elections and predicts that ” neither Schroeder nor Merkel will succeed in becoming chancellor.”

There is also a debate between Carol Lancaster, the Director of the Mortara Center, and Michael Hawes, a Visiting Professor in the Government Department, over John Bolton at the UN.

I’m very pleased that the Center is experimenting with the blog format; it dovetails very nicely with Georgetown’s “public intellectual” mission in the domain of political studies.

So far, the blog looks a lot like such recent forays: a group of very smart experts on a field publishing mini-opinion editorials. Not much in the way of external linkage, but I suspect that will come with time. Moreover, Georgetown’s technology people, for what I imagine are carefully considered reasons, decided to build their blog engine from scratch; they’ve implemented trackback functionality – which they consider to be the wave of the future – but not comments. That’s a bummer (particularly for those of us who would’ve liked to have use “Georgetown Blogs” for teaching purposes), but I hope the lack of a comments thread doesn’t deter anyone from checking back in with the Mortara center on a regular basis.

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