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September 5, 2005

Riggsveda is horrified by the commentary at Jane Galt:

Friday, September 02, 2005

Do These People Live On My Planet?

From the weblog of the objectivistly-named Jane Galt, here is the worst of American reaction to the New Orleans disaster in a nutshell. Below find samplings of statements that reveal a seemingly bottomless capacity for churlish, selfish, callous, racist cruelty by self-congratulatory blog barnacles who coolly watch the NOLA tragedy play out from the comforts of their dry, food-filled, proudly right-wing homes. I believe many of them may fancy themselves a tad intellectual, and hard-nosedly so. The poverty of their arguments demonstrates otherwise. And as none of them lay claim to any sort of humanitarian compassion, you won’t be surprised to find it absent here. Hold on to your lunch: ….

Right now if you actually click on the link from Corrente to Jane Galt’s post, this is what you’ll see:

To which I say,

Bak-bak-bak! CHICKEN!!!

Seriously, this is pretty stupid. Most people who read blogs have the technical competence to open a new window in their browsers and then to cut-and-paste the URL into it.

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