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26 October 2005

A growing number of professors use podcasting – or the functional equivalent – to distribute their lectures, overviews of readings, and so forth. When I have the time, I know that I want to supplement blogging with podcasting. Our very own Patrick Jackson, on the other hand, has long been on the cutting edge of using technology in the classroom. Perhaps some day he’ll tell us about what he’s been up to.

Meanwhile, Stanford is testing the waters in a big way. Coming Anarchy reports on iTunes at Stanford. The Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (which was the “Stanford Institute for International Studies” when I was there) already has a number of lectures up by such heavy hitters at Scott Sagan, Larry Diamond, Sandy Berger, and Philip Zeliokow.

At running times ranging from around fifty minutes to ninety minutes, the lectures are better suited for commuting, exercise sessions, or lengthy food preparation than for casual listening. Still, you should check them out.

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