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Either Laura just swallowed a lemon or she wasn’t very happy with the Reverend’s remarks

February 8, 2006


I know my last few posts haven’t been that ‘analytical’ or IR related, but there have been too many jovial opportunities to pass up lately. Which brings me to Coretta Scott King’s funeral…

The event was attended by numerous dignitaries included President Bush and his wife Laura. The man speaking in the picture above is the Rev. Joseph Lowery, co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King Jr. With President Bush and the First Lady sitting directly behind him, the Reverand took the opportunity to speak directly to Bush’s foreign and domestic policies…and to do so in verse: “We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there/But Coretta knew and we knew that there are weapons of misdirection right down here/Millions without health insurance. Poverty abounds. For war billions more but no more for the poor.”

From the WaPost: “The mourners responded with a standing ovation. Bush’s immediate reaction could not be seen on television, but after Lowery finished speaking, the president shook his hand and laughed.” Whatever the President’s reaction may have been Laura’s is beyond priceless.

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