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Clowns Indeed

June 23, 2006

Apparently, three protestors dressed like clowns (no, literally, circus clowns) broke into a nuclear launch facility in North Dakota and, I am not kidding about this, used a sledgehammer to disable the lock on the personnel entry hatch of a Minuteman III missile that provides access to the warhead and then hammered on the silo lid that covers the 300 kiloton nuclear warhead.

The three staged the event in part “to call for national repentance for the Hiroshima and Nagaski A-bombings in 1945.”

The three have been charged with criminal tresspassing. Duh. They are lucky they are still breathing.

Let me get this straight–three guys dressed as clowns armed with a bolt cutter and some hammers managed to sneak into the “secure” site and proceed to gain access to a warhead and then pound on it before being apprehended.

So how safe do you feel today?

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