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June 7, 2006

Indeed. (for more on the flypaper theory, see here, here, and here.)

It appears that Somali Islamic Militias have seized the capital, defeating the US-backed coalition of warlords. Curzon at Coming Anarchy has more.

Yet another glowing victory in the war on terror and fundamentalism. I thought this President’s comparative advantage was his ability to lead us to victory in this global war. I don’t know if you are keeping score at home, but at this point I am not seeing a whole lot on the positive side of the ledger.

  • Iraq: potentially falling into sectarian civil war, leading to a failed state and haven for terrorists
  • Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood makes large electoral gains in the legislature even though they are a banned party
  • Palestine: Hamas democratically elected majority party; potential civil war in the making
  • Afghanistan: signs of a resurgent Taliban; state capacity barely extends outside of Kabul
  • Europe: numerous bombings by home-grown and autonomous cells inspired by, but not necessarily affiliated with, al-Qaeda
  • Canada: serious threat from home-grown Islamic militants

This quick and dirty (and incomplete) list does not encourage me and I can’t imagine how it would encourage anyone who actually did vote for “the security President”. But at least we seem to be focusing our energy on the important issues.

Absolute joke.

[Updated] Charles Kupchan and Peter Trubowitz discuss how Dems can overcome the perceived ‘security gap’ (amazing at this point there still is one…) More on GOP ‘diversionary democracy’ over at America Abroad.

[Update 2] More from John Prendergast in the WaPo.

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