Over the weekend former defense secretary Richard Perle wrote an op-ed for the WaPo excoriating—no, not the Democrats, but Neoconservatives’ other favorite punching bad—the State Department for the current standoff with Iran over its nuclear program.

Besides throwing in the now requisite amount of references to resolve, appeasement, etc, etc, Perle makes the unusual claim that we should have “…referred the matter to the U. N. Security Council and demanded immediate action.”

Right, wait–what?

Bruce Jentleson over at America Abroad has an adequate response:

“2003, hmmm, wasn’t something else going on at the UN then, something that dragged down American credibility to an all-time low, something that Perle was among those most vociferous about going in-your-face to the UN…..something called Iraq?”

Yes, the man who wrote “Thank God for the death of the UN” is now crowing about the failure of the administration to take Iran to the Security Council—while that ‘abject body’ was already tied up with–ahem–other matters.

Yeah, sure, it all makes perfect sense–in Perle’s head that is.

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