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Sick of Being Treated Like I’m an Idiot

June 20, 2006

[Updated] If I have to hear someone else, whether it is an administration official like Tony Snow (scroll down) or a member of the wingnutty club (pick one, any one), tell me that Iraq is ‘getting better’ and ‘we are making progress’ my head might explode, alla Scanners (not for the feint of heart).

It’s not ok, it hasn’t been for a while and it isn’t likely to be so for a very long time. This isn’t ‘liberal rage’ or ‘lefty pessimism’ or some kind of joy derived from seeing things go poorly in Iraq (which is what you are essentially labeled these days)–its based on the facts that stare you right in the face every day, such as this from the WaPo: Two Missing U.S. Soldiers Found Dead, Iraq Official Says

Anyone who doubts the difficulties on the ground in Iraq should head over to Peter’s post and read the SBU memo from our embassy in Iraq about the conditions in the country. While we are told every few weeks or so that we have reached a new turning point in the war, conditions remain much the same, if not worse. The problems we face have evolved–a burgeoning sectarian conflict, roving death squads/militias, creeping Islamic fundamentalism, and now the kidnap and murder of US soldiers. Yes, by all means, blame the media for our dim outlook on the conflict–it certainly has no relation to reality. I am not some raving lunatic, an ideologue, or an idiot–so don’t treat me like one. Rant over.

Proving the point (scroll to the last quote and hyperlink).

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