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Bush is going on vacation

July 21, 2006

But he’s not going to abandon work altogether. And what kind of work will he do?

BUSH WILL MIX work with vacation time at Crawford ranch. Aides explore August swing to battleground state such as Pennsylvania, where Republicans are defending three endangered House seats and Sen. Santorum. Also planned: one-year commemoration of Hurricane Katrina, viewed by Republican strategists as biggest second-term setback.

The Duck really isn’t supposed to be a shrill, partisan blog. But there comes a point in time when those of us who care deeply about international relations just can’t take it any more. Historians will remember this month of unwanted back rubs, “cutting the pig”, recommending Iraq-style democracy for Russia, and exercising his first veto to prevent the “murder” of cytoblasts while the Middle East and Afghanistan burn. They will write about it as the time when the story of the Bush administration changed from a Greek tragedy to Juvenalian satire.

That’s about it. Later today I’ll publish the first of a few posts on what current events do, or don’t, tell us about American primacy.

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