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Excuse me Sir, but your lack of ability to project power is showing

July 14, 2006

For an administration that likes to keep things secret they sure do pick some funny things to make public–like our military’s operational weakness. This was accomplished in large part by partaking in a strategically questionable operation that begins with the letters I-R-A and ends in Q. This has long been a complaint of mine. Yours truly in January of ’06:

“…the Iraq War not only decreased the capability of the US to launch any kind of substantial invasion/occupation of Iran but it also demonstrated (and continues to demonstrate) this fact in the most public way. It is virtually impossible for the US to hide its operational military weakness (wow, never thought I would utter this phrase in my lifetime) from Iran or any other state at this time–this information is no longer private but public.”

It would appear that others agree. From the Washington Post:

“…American doctrine is premised on the idea that military force will deter adversaries. But as more force has been used in recent years, the deterrent value has inevitably gone down. That’s the inner spring of this crisis: The Iranians (and their clients in Hezbollah and Hamas) watch the American military mired in Iraq and see weakness. They are emboldened rather than intimidated.”

I am unaware of any poker players who win by showing their opponents how weak their hand is, do you?

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