Foreign Affairs magazine has been running both a print and on-line forum on the future of US policy towards Iraq. If you haven’t read it yet, get yourself over there and take a look.

In my second experiment in videoblogging, I take issue with Chaim Kaufmann‘s contribution to the original forum. To be fair to Kaufmann, my response is oriented more towards his broader argument about ethnic partition as a solution to ethno-nationalist civil war than to his specific proposals for Iraq.

Let me add some thoughts on videoblogging. I’m still not sure about this medium. Text provides a far more efficient way of communicating ideas. Still, videoblogging does involve a “personal touch” lacking from text-based blogging. Bill, in fact, asked me why I’m experimenting with the medium. The answer is that I intend to use it in my teaching when I return to Georgetown, so doing it on the Duck will help me get used to the process and I hope, learn how to do it right.

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