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March 31, 2007

Lets see how much I can type before I need to abandon blogging for the night and feed, change and put my new child back to sleep.

So, yes, I’ve been out of touch for a while because I’m now a dad. First child, boy, born March 12. Very cute. Sleeps all day, does not yet like to sleep at night. Quite exciting.

I will say this much– it makes me appreciate the brilliance of Wittgenstein all the more. That which we cannot understand we pass over in silence (to paraphrase). Everyone says your life will be different, you have no idea, have your fun now. Sure, you say, I get it. No, there is no way to get it. You can’t know, its impossible to know. Is all about the meaning in use. You just can’t get how insane (in the good way) this experience is until you are having it, and any attempt to explain it to pre-kid me would be like trying to sell a air conditioning to a fish.

Plus, wow, so much that we take for granted about our own lives. Like, our current concern, the difference between night and day. Its as different as night and day, they say. Well, to the kid upstairs now starting to stir, there is no difference. Its not a given, its a game, one we construct and order society around, and its darn useful, but its still a game you have to learn.
As is sleeping, eating, pooping, peeing (everywhere, that thing is a loaded weapon!), crying, and smiling.

On another note– that Iran / Britain thing is getting interesting. Certainly not going to help them at the USNC at all– the Europeans may not have been supportive of a Bush Admin hard line, but these are Brits, not Yanks, held hostage, and they actually do have diplomatic relations with Iran. For now, at least. Not really sure where Iran is going with this, and it certainly is playing into the hands of the “hardliners.” And the treatment of the one female hostage is interesting too. Someone with a feminist appreciation who is much smarter than me on these things and has a bit more time to reflect on it should write something profound about it. There’s some serious stuff happening there. Fascinating, in the snippets that I get of it.

I wish I had a more coherent thought on this, but my brain is fried from 1 am feedings that last until 2:30 and then having to turn around for a 3am feeding. To the kid, that all seems like such a good idea.

Speaking of the 1am feeding, there he goes again with the sucking of the fingers….
but ohhh, its so cute.
(do i sound like a new parent?)

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