Obama’s losing streak is over, he won the Guam caucuses this weekend.

Guam only has 9 delegates (8 half-votes plus 5 super delegates). Obama won the caucuses by 7 votes, Hillary and Obama split the 4 delegates, but it looks like Obama will come out 1 up with the super delegates.

Now, no one is really talking about Guam. You could write it off as another small-state/territory caucus win for Obama, and its not even a state, really just a huge military base. But, with the Puerto Rico primary looming in June as the last major contest in this race, it might be important to pay attention to those districts and territories that have a role in the nominating process but no actual votes for President or in Congress.

And yet, a win is a win, and here’s Obama racking up another win. What does it say that Hillary can’t win the Hegemony/Empire vote?