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Mid-Debate thoughts


September 27, 2008

The further it goes, the more I like this free-wheeling style that allows the candidates to actually go back and forth a bit, responding to each other. I think it gives a bit of insight as to how well they can box their own corner.

Again, Obama says “McCain is right…” I think this might be one of those things that plays better to non-pundit viewers than it does to the talking heads, in that it makes Obama look agreeable. Obama is able to start with an acknowledgment of McCain but then assert his own position. We’ll have to see on this, I guess.

Both of them are landing some solid punches. Obama is holding his own, he’s conversant and convincing on key issues. McCain is able to demonstrate that he’s well versed on key defense and national security issues.

The thing is, I think that in this case, the tie goes to Obama.

Update: McCain’s keeps saying Obama doesn’t understand. I think, though, that Obama has strong enough answers to indicate that he does understand. I also think the format of the debate helps Obama on this, as it allows him to respond directly when McCain raises an issue. Of course, Obama follows up with a “John is Right…”….

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