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Who is Randy Waterhouse?

October 8, 2008

Hello loyal Duck readers. I wanted to briefly introduce myself as the newest member of the Duck. I am a longtime friend of the site that has decided to start posting rather than just commenting on the great insights of colleagues.

A little truth in advertising: my real name is not Randy Waterhouse. For fans of a certain author you will immediately notice that it is a pseudonym. Unfortunately, my current employer does not allow for employees to blog, so I’ve decided to assume this online identity so that I can contribute to the broader conversation on, well, whatever is bugging me in the world of politics.

I likely won’t be able to post as much as other Duck members as I’ll have to restrict my activities to off-hours, and between my job and family life there aren’t many hours where I am actually off. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring some additional insight to this already stellar lineup.

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"Randy Waterhouse" is a pseudonym.