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December 1, 2008

El Pollo Rico is back!!! Let the rejoicing commence!

I just ate the best chicken one can buy in the Washington DC metro area. After a weekend of excellent food, this was perhaps the best thing I ate (with the possible exception of my pumpkin pies, those were quite nice and I do love pumpkin pie). If it weren’t raining, I’d consider shouting from the rooftop.

El Pollo Rico makes rotisserie chicken–that’s it–and its the best around. It was a special type of restaurant in its previous incarnation, a hole in the wall in a strip of otherwise forgettable stores in Wheaton. The food is excellent, the prices are cheap. People of all races, ethnicities, and socio-economic classes would line up to wait up to a half hour at times, to take away one of these special chickens for dinner. As loyal and devoted readers might remember, I chronicled the earlier difficulties of El Pollo Rico.

To sum up: busted for money laundering and immigration violations. Re opened (with new workers…) during the trial. Burnt down, along with the neighboring Army-Navy surplus store, in a grease fire… Sign appears in the new strip of shops on the corner of University and Georgia. Grand opening, and they are back in business, and I can happily report, the chicken is as good as ever.

My favorite chicken place is back!

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