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January 25, 2009

Stephen Walt, fresh off his compendium contribution, muses about the IR Hall of Fame. His criteria: over two tape-measure home run publications, which is to say, more than two articles or books that continue to show up on syllabi and citation lists for over a decade.

His initial list: Waltz, Huntington, Jervis

His comments generate a slightly more interesting list, adding folks like Keohane, Ruggie, Wendt, Gilpin, Fearon, Katzenstein, Bull, and such.

Farley laments that “My discipline sucks” and he might be onto something…

Who’s on your ballot?

And, like the real HOF, only on-field contributions count, so you can’t ding someone for character. Ricky is still waiting for Ricky to get the call… Will be interesting to see how the voters handle the steroid era.

Guys like EH Carr and Mortenthau will probably be admitted by the veterans committee….

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