Wow. South Carolina took a cane to the “Mormon Massachusetts Moderate” last night. This moves Nate Silver to write a longish post comparing the conventional wisdom (now embodied by my colleague, Hans Noel, and his co-authors) with the “This time it’s different” crowd, in which Silver makes not a single, tiny, one-off mention of Citizens United. I’m not saying that it’s certain that Newt’s rich friends dumping millions of dollars through independent, pristine, non-corrupting, corporations-are-people-too UberPacs  into a relatively small media market might have impacted the race (we’ll wait for the capital-P, capital-S Political Scientists to prove it… or not)

Meanwhile, Romney has decided to heed campaign 101 and avoid the drip, drip, drip of TaxAvoidanceGate by releasing all of his returns his 2010 returns. Maybe Mitt can blow this, after all.