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March 6, 2012

…How I could just kill a man!

Obama said today, or at least I think it was today, that “we have Israel’s back.” So have we replaced the cowboy swagger bullshit with some urban swagger bullshit? Fo shizzle.

In general, I object to any dumbing down of foreign policy, even in the public discourse, and I don’t really think Presidents did this before. This seems to be a modern phenomenon. But now, apparently even Obama feels the need to talk in this over-simplistic way. Ladies and gentlemen, President B-Real. If only that were a blunt he is smoking. Add the 40, and away we go!

I always hated the popularization of this phrase because it reflects a worldview of ‘us against them’ and is applied to situations in which violence is not really at issue. I don’t need my colleagues to “have my back” in a faculty meeting. I might like their support but they need not bring the Gat.

I like Obama’s foreign policy by and large because it is a foreign policy for adults. So let’s lose the dumb ‘hood slang.

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