The Duck of Minerva

Bombs into Knives

14 June 2012

I’ve been meaning to write substantive posts about my recent trip to Taiwan, but between the time change, conference prep, and getting sick, I haven’t had the time. In the interim, I found a video of the knife-making process at Maester Wu knives on Kinmen.

Kinmen (aka Jinmen aka Quemoy) was repeatedly, and intensively, shelled by the People’s Republic of China in 1958. Maester Wu Bombshell Steel Knives took advantage of the cheap source of steel and produces kitchen, hunting, and utility blades. The knives can be bought through limited online outlets; the factory pictured above has become a major tourist attraction. 

Indeed, tourism has become a major source of income on the island, such that Taiwanese mcmansions are springing up along the side of major roads. Pictures at some future date.