The Duck of Minerva

Monday Morning Stuff: Foreign-Policy Debate Edition

22 October 2012

Dan Drezner is very unhappy about the outline for tonight’s foreign-policy debate. If he’s got the list of sections right, I’ll be pretty outraged as well. So I guess we’ll just talk the drinking game.

My suggestions: take a swig of your favorite beverage whenever you hear: “resolve,” “apologize,” “values,” “economy.” “credibility,” “unravelling,” “strength,” “exceptionalism,” “that’s just not true,” “energy independence,”and “kill.”

David Shorr preps us for the pain and suffering. Morton Abramowitz tackles “American Exceptionalism,” which seems relevant.

More Linkage below the fold:

  • Africa’s maritime strategy.
  • Jeffrey Lewis discusses “banning nuclear-armed ABMs.” 
  • Glen Hastedt forecasts the foreign policy of a Romney administration.
  • Jay has a longish post on forecasting and accuracy.
  • Matt Zwolinksi flags an upcoming webcast on commodification. 
  • Debora Weber-Wulf explains how to identify plagiarism in doctoral dissertations. In Germany this is apparently the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel. 

I’m listening to the new Mountain Goats and A.C. Newman albums. The latter is a huge improvement over Get Guilty.