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Tuesday Morning Linkage

October 16, 2012

  • Democrats are struggling to explain the math behind the Romney-Ryan tax cut proposal. Such forest-for-the-trees stuff isn’t really helping. They need to make the big argument: Romney’s policies are the same failed policies offered during the Bush Administration, and    here’s why Obama’s proposals will work better.
  • Mark Bowden chronicles the operation that killed Bin Laden. 
  • Juan Cole discusses estimates of drone causalities. 
  • Marc Lynch on Tunisian instability.
  • James Joyner makes the case for NATO getting the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Andrew Kydd riffs on the discussion of timetables in the VP debate.
  • Mobilizing Ideas holds its latest dialogue on “organization theory and social movements.
  • An attempt to test the “simulation” hypothesis.
  • The most expensive colleges. And man, are they expensive. 
  • David Coe worries that we pay too much attention to author popularity in fantasy and science fiction. I wonder if the arguments travel to citation counts and academic sales ranks?
  • Lisa Leitz looks at Wonder Woman, feminist protests, and the “need for a hero.”
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