Friday Morning Linkage

Nov 9, 2012

Rob Farley had me on “Foreign Entanglements” yesterday. I’m in “mellow mode,” but at least we have hats!

Links below:

  • Heather Hurlburt looks at what the election says about US foreign-policy debates. Problem: something like 5% of the electorate gave a &!@ about national security when it came time to vote.
  • Joshua Foust considers a “Chinese Kyrgyzstan.”
  • Raffaello Pantucci and Alexandros Petersen examine Chinese policy in Afghanistan.
  • Dan Trombly reflects on “perpetual war.”
  • William Savedoff on impact evaluation of foreign aid. Have I mentioned how much it grates when someone refers to a blog post as a “blog”?
  • Jonathan Lima-Matthews, perhaps recognizing that the topic is link bait, discusses applying to graduate school at e-International Relations.
  • Charlie Stross forecasts the year 2512.
  • Congrats to Mike Tierney and the rest of the crew for getting an enormous grant to support their aid-mapping project.
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