The Duck of Minerva

Monday Morning Linkage

12 November 2012

Good morning, Happy Veteran’s Day. In this 100% Petraeus-free edition of morning linkage, we note:

  • Paul Atwood, author of War and Empire: The American Way of Life, meditates critically on the meaning of Veteran’s Day 2012.
  • The Article 32 evidentiary hearing on Staff Sgt. Robert Bales revisits the horrific details of the five hour killing spree/alleged war crime that left 15 civilians dead including nine children.  Witnesses, survivors, and family members in Afghanistan have been testifying via video-link.  Prosecutors have failed to explain why Afghans have not been permitted to testify in person despite their stated desire to do so.  Witnesses, survivors, and family members may be allowed to testify in person if the case goes forward to a court martial.
  • President Obama is planning an historic visit to Myanmar.  Meanwhile, Burmese Nobel Laureate and opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has supported the idea of sending more government troops to Rakhine state to quell the violence between Buddhists and the Rohingya Muslim minority population — increasing the correlation between winning the Nobel peace prize and supporting a “troop surge” to two.
  • Robert Coalson speculates on who would replace Hillary if she steps down as Secretary of State.

And also: