Awards Update

21 December 2012, 1838 EST

cmcp34280_masterIf you haven’t seen it, I did a (text) interview with SAGE about academic blogging and the awards. This was the source of my sense of déjà vu during my discussion with Rob Farley: some of the points overlap.

Regardless, time is growing short. Here’s where things stand:

Nominees for Best Blog (Group):

Nominees for Best Blog (Individual):

Nominees for Most Promising New Blog:

Nominees for Best Blog Post:

As you can see, these are excellent lists. But don’t let that deter you. There’s still time to nominate your favorite blogs and blog posts. Voter registration is also ticking up. To be clear, failing to register does not preclude you from getting a mass email with a link to the voting system. Registering guarantees that you will receive that email.

You may add nominations in the comments section or email them. If you want to guarantee yourself a right to vote, also let me know. Procedures here.

*This piece was cross-posted at the Duck, but I’ve ruled it eligible as a piece posted elsewhere.