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Wednesday Afternoon Linkage

January 9, 2013

Egypt DuckI’m home sick. With my daughter. Who is also sick. So this will be brief.

  • Sean Kay makes the “case for Chuck Hagel” at the Huffington Post.
  • Daniel Larison slams Jonah Goldberg and other “petty, spiteful critics of Hagel.”
  • The Onion reports that Israel “plan to use veto power” against Hagel.
  • Michael Flynn gives the Hagel debate a political-science spin.
  • Reihan Salam defends American hegemony.
  • The rise of actual neo-fascism in Hungary.
  • Adam Elkus on the “market” for covert action.
  • Is the Lavrov Plan back as a possible solution to Iranian proliferation?

And also:

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